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Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide: The Best Cannabis Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are celebrating love with a stoner sweetie, friends, family, or yourself, these are the best cannabis gifts for Valentine’s Day in 2023.

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2023

THC Dark Chocolate Body Paint from HighOnLove

HighOnLove’s limited-release Dark Chocolate Body Paint infused with 100mg of THC is a deliciously edible aphrodisiac designed to bring a higher level of intimacy into the bedroom. The Dark Chocolate Body Paint comes in an elegant heart-shaped glass bottle and includes a paint brush for application. The body paint is available with THC (in Colorado dispensaries) and the version without THC is available online.  A perfect gift to celebrate the day we celebrate love! 

Canna Style Crystal Ball Bong 

Invite your friends to cast their witchy spells and predict your very stoney future with each puff on this crystal ball bong this Valentine’s Day! Watch the crystal ball fill with smoke while inhaling through the bong’s unique shower-head percolator with superior smoke filtration. With each inhale, the ball with fill with smoke and give off that moody and mysterious vibe! Features a shower-head percolator for superior smoke filtration. The Crystal Ball Bong stands at 5 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide, and is ready to use right out of the box, ships with matching 14mm male bowl…a perfect cannabis themed gift for any stoner!

Reblance CBD x Renpho  CBD Eye Massager Set

The Renpho Eye Massager is like nothing I have ever experienced, and is sure to please ANY Valentine on your list!  What a wonderful gift! It is a product designed to target acupoints so that it can alleviate tension and reduce headaches. Oscillating trigger point pressure and built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104-107°F (40-42°C). Great for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, and more. This product collaboration between companies is genius, because when paired with the Reblance CBD Balm, Salve Stick, or Sports Cream, it is the perfect at-home massage experience for anyone. The entire line of premium-grade Reblance products use CBD that is mixed in the USA and has a selection of pure, broad spectrum CBD oils and topicals made of high-quality hemp and naturally balanced, USDA organic ingredients to bring your wellness routine to the next level. Whoever gets this gift set for Valentine’s Day is luckiest of all! 

Bath Soak and Body Butter from Tonic CBD 

Tonic is a  woman-owned CBD and botanical blends brand that offers a variety of self-care and wellness products.  These are some of the best when it comes to overall pampering and relaxation.  The Bath Soak combines a restorative blend of Himalayan Sea Salts, Epsom salts and Dead Sea Salts infused with Tonic CBD’s ‘Chronic’ essential oil blend and a potent dose of full-spectrum CBD. Made with a blend of essential oils to target inflammation and discomfort and enriched in Vitamin E and Meadowfoam seed oil will typically leave you relaxed and with smooth skin. Additionally, Tonic CBD’s soothing body butter delivers healing and nourishing results by using shea, mango and cocoa butters blended with skin-saving oils, like black seed and apricot kernel to keep your skin soft and glowing.

Cann-Candle Gift Set from Rogue Paq

You may recall Rogue Paq products were featured in our 2022 holiday gift guide, but these other products they carry are perfect for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day! Check out this votive CANN-dle set: 3 all natural massage Cann-Candles with 3 “SendNudes”  matchbooks. Raise your Valentine’s ritual by lighting these organic votive candles specially formulated to provide a pure, clean-burning aromatherapy and massage experience. This perfect Valentine’s gift is packaged in a chic gift box, with the candles named Get lit, Lit up, and Stay Lit. The candles are organic, safe for skin and massage, and feature therapeutic grade essential oils. This gift set is sure to please your Valentine!

Subscriptions and Bundles from Hemper

Hemper is setting the highest standard for monthly smoking accessory boxes. The company collaborates with leading brands in the industry and designs their own innovative products to fill gaps in your sessions. By joining Hemper, you get the latest in smoking accessories and collectibles at a great value…it’s a perfect gift for any of your stoner sweeties on Valentine’s Day! While a subscription to their monthly box is the gift that gives all year, you can also check out their “Pink Pack Bundle,” especially made to help get you feeling lovely for Valentine’s Day! Hemper also has other themed products for Valentine’s Day here, and their Valentine’s Promo is running Jan 26 – Feb 14 (15-40% off sitewide). Enter promo code “CUPID” to save a little on the side! 

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