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UXLINK Revolutionizes Socialfi & Infra with the Launch of UXGroup, Attracting Over 60,000 Web3-Enabled Communities and 5 Million Users

[Singapore, 26th January ] – UXLINK, the rapidly expanding Socialfi & Infra project, is making waves in the Web3 ecosystem with its recent launch of UXGroup, a groundbreaking initiative that has already garnered the support of over 60,000 communities, bringing together more than 5 million users.

What Sets UXLINK Groups Apart:

UXLINK introduces a game-changing concept called the Group Bound Account (GBA), differentiating UXLINK Groups from traditional ones. This innovative approach empowers Telegram group owners to offer on-chain asset-based management and rights distribution within their respective communities. UXLINK Groups, functioning as autonomous entities, now have their own GRAPH and wallet, akin to Web3 individual users. While retaining the same cost-efficient communication and interaction as regular groups, UXLINK Groups can seamlessly engage in on-chain interactions and distribute interests.

UXLINK users currently operate within an Invitation Only model, where each user is connected to acquaintances, fostering a high level of trust within this social network and community. This unique network structure and pioneering protocol have the potential to open doors for more DAPPs and developers in the future, serving as essential infrastructure and a precise traffic gateway. Could it birth new forms of e-commerce or decentralized exchanges through social fission, akin to the success of platforms like Pinduoduo? The possibilities are intriguing, and the future holds exciting potential.

UXLINK is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of Web3 social infrastructure, offering innovative solutions that redefine the way communities and individuals interact and transact in the digital age.

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