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The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day

Every year we look for the best cannabis gifts for moms on their special day, and this year there were even more to choose from! As marijuana legalization continues to trend in our country and the cannabis industry evolves, canna moms have more options than ever it seems.  The best mother’s day gift you can give mom is probably a trip to the local dispensary for some of her favorite goodies, but if that is not an option, or if you’re just looking for some of the best canna mom gifts that easily ship, we have you covered with our lineup of the best cannabis themed gifts for mother’s day in this handy guide.

Cannabolish odor eliminating spray comes in 2 scents.

Odor Eliminating Spray by Cannabolish

Is mom looking for the best way to help eliminate that weed smokey smell after her sesh?  Enter Cannabolish Oder Eliminating Spray. This product actually absorbs and eliminates cannabis smoke odor, while traditional air freshener products just cover up unwanted odors with perfumes and harsh chemical compounds. The Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Spray is a non-toxic spray made from natural plant oils and water, and now comes in lavender. Cannabolish also offers candles and gels, and the spray is available in 8oz bottles of either lavender and wintergreen scents.

Does mom like to smoke pre rolls, but not the best at rolling or stuffing them herself?  Check out the OG OTTO, an AI-enabled automatic cone filling machine that grinds, mills, fills and rolls your favorite flower and cuts out the tiresome work that rolling a joint by hand usually requires. OTTO is truly a revolutionary tool that makes joint rolling accessible to people of all abilities, and marries the futuristic natures of both AI and cannabis. OTTO can also be used to make perfect material for blunts or making edibles because OTTO doesn’t compress the plant prior to grinding due to the expanding chamber and careful milling technology. The quality of the material OTTO creates results in the perfect smoking (or edible) experience. This is ideal for that canna mom who is a gadget-loving herb enthusiast.

The OG OTTO by Banana Bros is an excellent Mother’s Day gift for the canna mom in your life.

CBD Sparkling Water from Day One 

With moms, and people in general, becoming California sober or just wanting options other than alcohol, this soda is a great alternative and one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you can give. The original idea behind Day One was to create a next-level sparkling water using natural ingredients like CBD and fruit juice. The result is a refreshing drink that can facilitate a balanced mindset and get you ready for your next beginning — whether it’s making it through Monday or getting that side hustle off the ground. Day One serves as your refresh-reminder that starting doesn’t have to be daunting. Day One has recently expanded their collection with the launch of their new CBD Recovery Cream.  This high potency, high quality topical features 2,000mg of THC-free CBD reduces inflammation with natural CBD and soothes with hot + cold sensation, and moisturizes natural shea butter.

The TravelR and KeepR by RovR

Is mom an adventurer or outdoor enthusiast? These products are perfect for camping, picnicking, or any kind of outside event!  The TravlR has all the places for lunch, beverages, and sandwiches will stay stylishly cool and dry in its waterproof, nylon construction. Some of it’s features include Water/Leak proof zipper, Water tight TPU Base with welded seams, Lightweight and durable, Antimicrobial liner, Folds flat for easy packing, has a Removable shoulder/sternum straps, and is Compatible with the KeepR.  The KeepR is the modern day picnic basket making setting up a canna-cocktail hour or a barbecue in mom’s favorite outdoor setting easier than ever. Constructed with high-density foam, waterproof TPU, a rigid structure and moveable dividers that keeps wine, liquor, mixers, utensils and snacks snug and organized separately, the KeepR can separate wet and dry items while you’re on the go, and the carrying handle with foam grip.  Definitely some of the best mother’s day gifts you can give the canna mom in your life! 

The KeepR (left)and TravlR (right) by RovR are perfect mother’s day gifts.

Relief Rub and Bath Bombs from Mad Ritual 

Is mom feeling lots of aches after working out or standing on her feet all day? Or struggling with tendonitis from sitting at a desk? One of the best gifts for Mother’s Day (or any day!) is one that involves giving our bodies some relief from the daily grind. At Mad Ritual they’re helping sore people feel better, naturally! Their CBD infused topicals are designed to target inflammation–the pesky culprit causing most of your everyday pain and discomfort. By using an oil base formula made of rich butters and oils, its relieving properties are delivered directly to the muscle or joint in need so you don’t have to turn to NSAIDs like ibuprofen.  The CBD Relief Rub is cooling, warming, and soothing. It is an easy to apply rub that can be used anywhere you’re feeling sore or tight and can help with discomforts like headaches, cramps, joint pain, and more! The CBD Bath Bomb will allow mom to fully unwind and relax.

Products from Sundazed

Sundazed is a female-owned cannabis lifestyle brand founded by Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, Sarah Aziz. Sundazed is focused on the female cannabis experience with an emphasis on terpene education, quality and customer experience. Sundazed is committed to delivering the highest quality cannabis to its customers.  Sundazed now offers cannabis pre roll products available in three sizes, products that were specially developed for the conscious cannabis consumer, catering directly to those who use cannabis as a means to elevate their quality of life and day-to-day experiences.  Sundazed’s line of pre rolls and flower are available in three strains including: After Hours, Glow Up and Daydream. Unlike other cannabis companies that focus on a strain’s psychoactive effects, Sundazed is committed to terpene education which provides customers with a deeper understanding of the cannabinoids found in each strain and how they interact with both the mind and body. Each Sundazed product includes a detailed description of the terpenes found in every strain, providing the full scope of the Sundazed flower experience.  Available in California. 

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