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OHAI World, Introducing You to The New Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

OHAI Collective entered the market with its fresh aesthetics in 2018 as a Cannabis lifestyle brand. Anyone who has indulged in their Elevated Essentials™—cannabis tools and goods for the style-conscious and aesthetically aware — can vouch for the artful experience that they have gained with it.  

Their Mission

Founder, Emily Leung, brought together a freelance female-run powerhouse to build a company that is geared toward self-care and important conversations around womxn in the cannabis industry. Another key element to their philosophy is equality. 

“OHAI has no gender, no bias. It is a spirit and a feeling.”

Emily’s passion for the company stems from a personal place. She found solace in the herb’s medicating properties from having to deal with the anxieties of losing her dream job. For this reason, she uses the brand as a tool to harbor a community and facilitate a safe space for everyone to embrace the higher things in life. By stripping away the deeply rooted stereotypes of the ’stoner aesthetic’, OHAI paved its way in the industry with products that create a modern-day renaissance spirit. 

OHAI Products

They celebrated their online store launch on 420 THIS YEAR. They are offering you 20% off, site-wide with free shipping, until the end of April. Treat yourself to a kit and the on-brand unboxing experience that comes with it. It includes a personal handwritten letter along with everything you need to light yourself up. 

Check out the list below for some of OHAI BEST SELLERS and follow @ohailife for a 3 step-guide to making Canna oil, an OHAI Playlist, virtual events and more.

Joint Rings

OHAI Joint Rings

 Crystal Pipes

OHAI Crystal Pipes

Rolling Papers

OHAI Rolling Papers

Greeting Cards

OHAI World

Have you tried any products from OHAI? Let us know in the comments down below! Follow @cannalifenet for more info on emerging brands

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