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How Many Grams to an Ounce of Weed?

This is an important question, and it’s one that has both a scientific answer and a popular answer. 

G to Oz: How Many Grams in an Ounce?

Don’t let yourself be confused by the cross-utilization of grams and ounces to measure weed. As any cannabis enthusiast knows, an ounce is much more weed than a gram. If you want to be technical about it, there are 28.34952 grams to the ounce.

First it’s important to understand how cannabis weight is divided for the patient or consumer. In legal medical and recreational dispensaries (and wood-paneled basements) across America, the standard apportionment of weed is an eighth—or ⅛— of an ounce. Double that amount and you have a quarter ounce. Double that amount and you’ve got a half. You get the idea. 

However, if you expect an eighth of weed to weigh exactly an eighth of an ounce (3.54375 grams), you’re in for a rude awakening.

Are Those Extra Decimals Necessary?

Though a cursory Internet search might show that 1 ounce = 28.34952g, any major dude will tell you that in the world of weed, those decimal points will simply not do.  Whether it be a black market state or one with regulated marijuana, the weight of an eighth of pot has been standardized industry-wide at 3.5 grams. With that knowledge, we can scale up this measurement to find weights for the rest of the standard marijuana bag sizes. 

  •  1 Ounce = 8 eighths = 28 grams
  • Half = 4 eighths = 14 grams
  • Quarter = 2 eighths = 7 grams
  • Eighth = 1 eighth ounce = 3.5 grams

We can take this all the way up to a pound of cannabis:

  • 1 lb = 16 ounces = 128 eighths = 448 grams

How Many Grams is a Dub?

This one really is up for debate depending on who you’re interacting with. Though the legal marijuana market has standardized measurements (gram, eighth, quarter), underground markets employ terms like ‘dub’ to describe a portion of weed. It is commonly thought that a ‘dub’ is to be $20 worth of bud, but you could expect just as many people to tell you that a dub is actually 3.5 grams or sometimes 2 grams. The stoner community is not aligned at all on this one, and we may never truly know how many grams are in a dub.

How Much is an Ounce (Oz) of Weed in Grams?

There are 28 grams in an ounce of weed. The average price per gram in the US is approximately $14. $14 X 28= $392. If you were to buy an ounce of weed in individual grams, this would set you back about $392. However, legal consumers usually have the option of buying amounts of cannabis larger than a gram – eighths, quarters, halves, and ounces – with the per gram price lowering as the total amount purchased increases. For example, an eighth usually costs around $40 ($11.43 per gram) while an ounce costs about $250 ($8.93 per gram), a decidedly better deal than shelling out almost 400 bucks. 

Effectively Measuring Your Weed 

Any respectable cannabis enthusiast seeks accuracy when buying weed. This can be accomplished by purchasing a small digital scale online or from your local head shop. Fortunately, with increasing legal cannabis markets, the days of getting ripped off by an unscrupulous dealer with whom you despised interacting are nearly gone. 

Small digital scales are ideal for weighing small amounts of cannabis ranging from a gram to an ounce with accuracy close to 0.1 gram. While large scales may be slightly more accurate (0.001 gram) with the ability to weigh several ounces or pounds, those larger weight increments and extreme accuracy capabilities are not needed by the individual consumer. 

Using a small digital scale is so easy, it can be done while under the influence of even the strongest strain. Turn on the scale, place the cannabis on top, and the weight of the cannabis will be displayed. Most scales will have a button used to toggle between gram and ounce measurements as well.

Keep in mind: if you use a container for the cannabis to place on top of the scale for measurement, you’ll want to factor in the container’s weight by pushing the “tare” button on the scale while the empty container rests evenly on top. This “tare” function removes the weight of the container so you can accurately measure your weed. 

How Much is an Ounce (Oz) of Weed Worth?

At this point you may find yourself asking, Well, what’s the average price of an ounce? As mentioned above, if you were to buy an ounce of weed by the individual gram, it’d set you back damn near $400, an eye-popping price tag for any seasoned stoner out there. However, the price of an ounce of weed can vary widely depending on your region or circumstances.

Given the laws of supply and demand, this cannabis veteran will tell you a good national price average for an ounce of weed is $250 for legal markets, but hey, maybe you can get a better deal in one those wood paneled basements.  😉

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