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Flux Champions Elite Sponsorship for Mining Disrupt 2023, Showcasing a Revolutionary Decentralized Cloud Network

Miami, July 01, 2023 — Flux, a frontrunner in the development of decentralized cloud infrastructure, has been announced as an elite sponsor for Mining Disrupt 2023, the premier global event for innovations in blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

The conference, set to take place from July 25-27 in Miami, Florida, is expected to bring together pioneers, rising stars, and enthusiasts from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency mining. By sponsoring the event, Flux reaffirms its commitment to pioneering a more decentralized and resilient future for web applications.

Flux is widely known for its Flux Cloud, a global, decentralized network designed to offer redundancy, security, interoperability, and low-cost application deployment while resisting censorship and providing automatic updates. With a global network spanning 78 countries and boasting over 12,000 nodes, the Flux Cloud stands as the most decentralized and rapidly growing network in the world.

The event will provide Flux with an opportunity to exhibit its innovative products, including Flux Drive, a decentralized file storage system, and Flux Marketplace, a permissionless and self-executing platform powered by the Flux Cloud. Furthermore, they will showcase how easy it is to run decentralized versions of popular applications, like WordPress, using their infrastructure.

The company’s sponsorship will spotlight their dedication to providing sustainable blockchain solutions, including ASIC-resistant mining algorithms and Proof-of-Useful-Work consensus mechanisms that offer energy-efficient alternatives to traditional Proof of Work systems.

Attendees of Mining Disrupt 2023 will have the opportunity to learn more about Flux’s impressive suite of products and services, with team members on hand to answer questions and offer demonstrations.

About Flux:

Flux is a decentralized cloud infrastructure, comprised of scalable, globally distributed computational nodes. It offers users the ability to deploy and monitor applications with increased flexibility and scalability while resisting censorship. Through the utilization of Docker container technology, Flux empowers developers to run hardened, dockerized applications on a fully decentralized computational network, providing a competitive alternative to traditional service providers. 

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