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CBD Sales Soar as Coronavirus Spreads

CBD companies are working overtime to fill an overwhelming number of online orders as consumers scramble to buy health and wellness products from the safety of their homes.

While there is no connection between Cannabidiol (CBD), and the coronavirus, consumers are purchasing CBD as a result of the recent spike in stress and anxiety levels, say experts. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.  This is just another example of how things are changing in the cannabis industry as a result of the novel coronavirus.

“I think it’s a great time to discuss CBD and its effects on stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Leslie Mudd, a board certified oncology pharmacist who worked at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

“A contributing factor to illness and weakening of the immune system is stress and as we have noticed by the widespread panic this is something we need to bring light to,” Dr. Mudd said.

Cornbread Hemp, the first company in Kentucky to offer USDA certified organic CBD products, recently announced that Dr. Mudd, would join its Board of Advisors.

In a blog for Cornbread Hemp, Dr. Mudd wrote about coronavirus and CBD, titled “Misinformation about Coronavirus and CBD is already a problem,” in which she called the coronavirus (COVID-19) a public health crisis like we have never seen.

Can you treat coronavirus with CBD?

Clearly there is a lot of confusion about how best to prevent the spread of this potentially fatal virus, but CBD is not among them.

Mudd makes it clear that CBD is not a cure or a proper protocol for those infected or exposed to COVID-19 and that no studies exist that support the theory that CBD works as an antiviral in humans.

“Let us be clear: no studies exist that look at CBD as an antiviral in humans. And, no anecdotal evidence exists that suggests that CBD might be an antiviral. In short, do not use CBD as an antiviral against the coronavirus.

“Anyone who suggests CBD could help prevent or cure the coronavirus should be immediately reported to the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation.”

Mudd added that CBD will not help you recover from the coronavirus if infected.

CBD can help control stress levels

According to a wide range of research, CBD is widely viewed to be useful in many conditions such as pain, sleep, anxiety, tension, spasticity, stress, anti-seizure, PTSD, inflammation, and neurological issues.

In this time of crisis and glaring lack of federal leadership, CBD can specifically help manage stress levels and reduce anxiety, which will ultimately help us keep our immune systems strong.

Weed sales surging during Coronavirus pandemic

As governors and mayors across the country, are ordering the closure of bars, restaurants, and other large events such as the March 17th St. Patrick’s Day parades, cannabis stores are experiencing a dramatic surge in sales as consumers stock up in the event that all retail outlets, except for food markets and pharmacies, may soon suffer the same fate as bars and restaurants.

And, of course, delivery services for food as well as cannabis are keeping busy as people continue to abide by social distancing.

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