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Cannabis Takes Center Stage at Northern Nights Music Festival

Northern Nights Music Festival located in the heart of Humboldt, California is widely recognized as one of the first cannabis-incorporated music festivals of its kind. Humboldt county is known for cannabis farming and the open and vast forest that growers use for their crop. Whether you are a cannabis lover, music lover, community healer, or party goer this festival will be the perfect experience for you. We hope you didn’t miss out on Northern Nights, but if you did or plan to attend in the future here is a recap. 

What is the Northern Nights Music Festival? 

Northern Nights is a music festival like no other and is one of the first festivals to incorporate the cannabis scene at its forefront. Northern Nights also has much more to offer than just a music festival — it is a community of like-minded people coming together to explore, heal, and have fun. The combination of music and cannabis create a therapeutic experience that is pure bliss.   

Where is Northern Nights Taking Place?

Northern Nights Music Festival returned to California’s iconic Redwood Forest from July 15-17, 2022. Located at the Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, CA on the Humboldt / Mendocino border, the beloved festival has built its name based on an eclectic mix of cutting-edge music, pristine natural landscapes, and industry-leading cannabis programming. 2023 dates are not yet confirmed but check back here for updates! 

How did Northern Nights Become a Mecca For Cannabis?

The editorial team at The Weed Blog was so excited to attend the Northern Nights Music Festival! We were thrilled to see the festival bring together the best of the EDM & cannabis community. 

Known as a pioneer within the music-meets-cannabis space, Northern Nights was the first music festival to have legal cannabis onsite for both sale and consumption in 2019 (before Grasslands at Outside Lands). As a result, the festival has become a hotbed for forward-thinking cannabis culture and policy, acting as a trend-setter for the live events industry and beyond.

For example, Northern Nights was the first music festival to have dispensaries at stages throughout the event featuring takeovers from top cannabis brands and allowing guests to easily purchase cannabis products while enjoying the music they love.

Which Cannabis Brands Were at Northern Nights Music Festival?

There were multiple cannabis brands to choose from at Northern Nights this year! While the variety of brands may have been overwhelming for some, many fan-favorite brands were there offering products typically found on dispensary shelves. For example, Select Cannabis was on-site with some of the highest quality carts, keef sodas, and THC infused pop drinks in the game. The Tree Lounge was offering high quality bud at a bargain price. All product on site was sourced from local growers in the area. Northern Nights Tree Lounge was the ultimate farmers market of cannabis!   

Were you allowed to bring your own cannabis?  

Well I would hope so, somehow we still call it a “free” country. Attendees were welcome to bring their own supply to the show to enjoy the 3 nights. WIth that being said, we do hope many supported the Tree Lounge Farmers Market if only to take advantage of great deals for honest and quality bud! We love our Humboldt Family! 

What Cannabis Supplies will you need to make the most out of Northern Nights next year? 

Rolling Papers


Smoking Apparatus

Vape Battery  

Doob Tubes 

Did Cannabis Make the Music Festival More Enjoyable? 

Cannabis is without-a-doubt a mind opener. By incorporating music into the cannabis experience we found the experience to be inspiring. In the process of expanding the mind through cannabis the musical instruments, layers, and vocals impacted us on a deeper level. Not to mention the first inhale allowed our body to relax and move seamlessly to the rhythm. 

How much did Cannabis cost at Northern Nights? 

Northern Nights offered the best deals on bud, especially if purchased wholesale or in bulk to take home!! The Tree Lounge, as mentioned before, had bud from growers all over Humboldt County and at a sweet price. Dispensary products were listed at the usual price! 

Northern Nights on-site Cannabis Activation

The Tree Lounge Farmers Market located on site brought together local farmers and growers from the Humboldt County area. Allowing brands and locals to come together and share their knowledge and passion for cannabis created a healing opportunity for the entire community.  

Yoga classes invited cannabis-lovers to relax their minds and bodies in a guided practice in The Grove each morning. Events such as Northern Nights that focus on mindfulness and healing with cannabis at the center have an incredible impact on our society and the negative stigmas that still exist. 

The Weed Blog’s Favorite Artists at Northern Nights Music Festival 

A huge shoutout goes to Vaidehi Amair who created a new style of rapping and songwriting through mantra sanskrit. Not only did she give a beautiful performance, but she also shared the purpose behind each song with the audience and invited them to incorporate that purpose into their movement. Her performance was a truly healing and transcendent experience for the community. 

Free Creatures also deserve a shoutout for their live music performance on the Main Stage, which incorporated amazing light work and kept the vibe groovy! The last shoutout goes to the duo that is HIPPYTRAP. One of the members of HIPPYTRAP was celebrating a birthday during their performance which created an unforgettable party!

These artists included the audience in their performances and created a fun, inclusive environment for all. We are still blown away by their performances. 

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