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Big Weed is no secret. In Canada, the corporatization of the medicinal and therapeutic herb was the entire point of Justin Trudeau’s legalization scheme.

But this phenomenon is not isolated to Canada. States like California have designed the licensing scheme so that Big Weed can use their economies of scale. Long-time small farmers are facing bankruptcy.

Whether by design or simple greed – Big Weed has created a glut in the legal cannabis market. Wholesale flower prices have crashed.

Some say this is the fault of “capitalism,” but all they’ve done is demonstrate their ignorance. In Canada and California, for example, Big Weed results from onerous regulations imposed by bureaucrats who couldn’t tell an indica plant from a sativa.

Far from protecting consumers or creating a level playing field, regulatory bureaucracies set the stage for the corporatization of our life and economy.

Cannabis can be grown on a shoestring budget. But bureaucrats demand capital-intensive grow facilities. They create a maze of rules where only highly-paid corporate lawyers can find and exploit loopholes.

To support small cannabis farmers, you must support free and fair markets. That means rejecting Bernie Sanders for Ron Paul. Replacing Richard Wolff with Murray Rothbard.

Big Weed in Canada

Big Weed has its foothold in Canada. One of two things must be true:

  1. There’s a conspiracy to consolidate power and wealth into the hands of a few
  2. This absurd economic system tends to consolidate power and wealth into the hands of a few

No matter which side of the debate you land on (or perhaps it’s a mixture of both), the results are the same.

Don’t believe me? Consider who invests in these (Big Weed) large Canadian cannabis companies.

Aurora Cannabis

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank Of America
  • Citadel
  • Vanguard Group
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • TD Asset Management
  • Barclays
  • Blackrock


  • Constellation Brands Inc
  • Vanguard Group Inc
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays
  • Swiss National Bank
  • TD Asset Management


  • Vanguard Group Inc
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Blackrock Inc
  • Swiss National Bank
  • TD Asset Management Inc
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc

These are the faces behind Big Weed. Large banks and global hedge funds. As the wise George Carlin once said, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Big Weed: So What?

Big Weed: So What?

But so what, some of you are saying. There’s nothing wrong with investing and profiting from cannabis companies. This “Big Weed” boogeyman sounds like the complaints of an economic illiterate.

And, if this were a free and fair market, I would agree with companies like Big Weed. There is nothing wrong with making money. The question is how.

With banks, it’s obvious. It’s not hyperbolic to call their cozy relationship with the nation-state economic fascism. Their practice of fractional reserve banking is fraudulent, especially in Canada, where banks have lobbied for (and been given) zero reserve ratio requirements.

In other words: banks can essentially create money without limit.

As for others, such as Blackrock and Vanguard, we can turn to a more recent episode in our history.

GameStop Proves the System is Rigged

Big Weed

In 2021, a number of small-time investors drove up GameStop’s stock by 1,784%. This was unprecedented since GameStop is basically the Blockbuster of video games.

That’s why large banks and hedge funds had been shorting the stock. They’d bet billions the stock would go down.

But many smaller investors came together on Reddit to push back against these globalists. They piled in, drove up the stock price, and suddenly, banks and hedge funds were taking significant losses.

Some estimate up to $70 billion.

Few were surprised by the reaction from the corporate press. These small-time investors were like an invading “army.” They were leaving a “trail of destruction.” The whole thing was “insanity.”

They falsely claimed that these GameStop supporters were threatening the entire global economy.

CNBC declared the short-squeeze a “fiasco” that was a “threat to the proper functioning of financial markets.”

Meghan McCain, the daughter of a war criminal, compared the Redditors to the Capitol “insurrectionists.”

A Lesson in Orwellian Doublespeak: Market Manipulations

A Lesson in Orwellian Doublespeak: Market Manipulations

Those of us who have advanced past tenth-grade civics recognize doublespeak when we see it.

The Inflation Reduction Act fuels inflation. The Patriot Act is unpatriotic.

When a group of small-time investors threatened to topple the crony-capitalist Wall Street system, the corporate press responded with propaganda about “market manipulations.”

The idea is: Wall Street can profit at the expense of Main Street. The Fed’s easy money policy can destroy savings and reward big banks (and thus Big Weed).

That’s “capitalism,” they say. But if done the other way around, it’s market manipulation.

The globalists had to halt the bleeding wound that a rising GameStop stock was causing. The Robinhood app (the trading platform used by small-time investors) prevented any more buys.

That is, to keep the large banks and hedge funds afloat, the Robinhood app stopped users from buying any more GameStop stocks.

If that isn’t market manipulation, then the phrase is meaningless.

How to Stop Big Weed

How to Stop Big Weed

Wherever there is legalization, Big Weed is there. Tilray believed they would be front row and centre to German legalization. They put a (now deleted) press release that they were part of a “policy roundtable.”

Of course, it wasn’t true. As a German official told Mjbizdaily, “The content of the press release is just not correct. We are not downplaying the meeting, because there is no cooperation and there will be none either with Tilray. On no level to be clear.”

Since then, Germany has embarked on a non-profit cannabis social club model. Much the same way cannabis in Canada used to work before legalization.

Small farmers brought their harvest to a social or “compassion club,” and people were free to touch, smell, and sample.

Now cannabis is irradiated and hidden behind layers of plastic.

German legalization looks to empower small farmers and promote local economies. There is no opportunity for Big Weed to step in and monopolize.

Of course, time will tell. Global elites have ways of infecting every corner of the planet like a bad flu virus.

Until then, Canadians and Americans can do their part by buying from local, small-time farmers. Whether legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter.

Just because something is illegal doesn’t make it unlawful. Likewise, what’s legal isn’t always what’s lawful. Big Weed’s takeover of cannabis markets is a testament to that fact.

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