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A Portable Dab Rig Alternative

Although fairly new, portable dab rigs or e-rigs have made a significant impact in the industry, and in the lives of consumers that it slowly became the golden standard in vaporization. They offer what desktop vaporizers had in terms of vapor quality and what portable vaporizers offer in terms of convenience; you’re literally getting the best of both worlds. However, because there aren’t that many brands competing in this platform, e-rig prices can go from reasonable to downright exorbitant. 

The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is a new device that treads the line between e-rigs and portable vaporizers and gives us consumers a viable alternative to e-rigs. The G Pen Connect functions pretty much like your standard portable dab rig but is compact enough that you can carry it around like a portable vaporizer.

A Fresh Concept

The G Pen Connect played around the concept of dab rig alternatives and offered consumers a means to consume wax concentrates in a device that sports a more affordable price tag but has the potential to yield the same results as its more expensive counterparts. Instead of the whole package, the G Pen Connect gives you just the base of the dab rig. This means you’re getting the battery, the heating element, and a small implement that regulates airflow – and that’s about it. The G Pen Connect comes with only a few components which means that there’s very little room for mistakes, it also means that it’s cheap and that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In retrospect, the G Pen Connect your rudimentary unit and comes with an 850mAh battery that looks more like a box mod than an e-rig, a heating element made from high-quality ceramic, and a glass attachment that lets you “connect” the G Pen Connect to your water pipe. The G Pen Connect offers three preset temperature settings that lets you personalize your sessions pretty much like what most standard e-rigs nowadays have to offer. We found the use and operation of the G Pen Connect fairly easy and intuitive with very little to no learning curve necessary. Even beginners will find using the G Pen Connect simple and straightforward which makes it a more appealing choice for rookies as well as for consumers in a budget. The G Pen Connect comes with a carrying case, which allows you take it with you almost anywhere you go, making it an extremely portable unit comparable to your conventional e-juice and e-liquid mods in size and weight. The carrying case holds all the necessities in place including the USB charging cable and a small slot for wax containers.

A Word of Caution

Whilst the G Pen Connect seems to be the perfect dab rig alternative, it does have a few quirks. Obviously, it does not come with its own water attachment. You’d have to connect it to a water pipe or a rig which can be good or bad for a couple of reasons. If you happen to have an old water pipe lying around, the G Pen Connect is hands down a solid option. And, even if you plan on buying a water pipe separately, it still would make for a more affordable option compared to some of the more expensive portable e-rigs on the market today. Furthermore, you’d get to have some decent water pipes for the price, given you know where to look, compared to those that come with your all-inclusive portable dab rigs that would have variations only in the hue of the glass at best. The G Pen Connect lets you build your own rig suited to your liking. There are many attractive options when you talk about custom glass pieces, from ones that are made with discreet and minimal design to ones that are over the top with multiple layers of percolators for a more thorough filtration. However, these builds take time and unless you have all the resources at your reach, getting closer to that dream dab rig setup might just take a while.

For those who are always on-the-go, the G Pen Connect can pose several challenges along the way. We found that careful planning is a must when traveling with the G Pen Connect, make sure you visit places where there are smoke shops nearby. This way you can carry just the G Pen Connect and purchase cheap glass pipes once you reach your destination. The G Pen Connect is compatible with a wide range of bongs and water pipes through the use of different sized glass adapters that are bought separately. So, make sure you plan your trips ahead because the G Pen Connect doesn’t do spontaneous.

We found that the key to enjoying the G Pen Connect is understanding its capabilities and its limitations. While the G Pen Connect isn’t exactly for everybody, those who understand its quirks and benefits will find that the G Pen Connect is a worthwhile investment. The ability to seamlessly connect a small and compact battery to any water piece as well as to control temperature is what the G Pen Connect does best and for its price, the G Pen Connect Vaporizer is a great alternative for your standard home e-rig setup. 

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