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7 Ultimate Stoner Snacks at 7/11s Around the World

To the young, the wild, and the hungry, get your snack on! 7/11 has been there for all of us all over the world and these snacks will hit any craving you’ll have. Here are 7 stoner snacks from 7/11’s all over the world.

Sausage and Cheese Jaffle

This Australian delight can be found at a 7/11 in Thailand. Perfect stoner snack to satisfy that craving for something filling and cheesy!

Crispy Fried Crickets

They say insects are a good source of protein right? But seriously, these crispy crickets which are also found in Thailand will have you forgetting that you’re eating crickets!

Mashed Potato Dispenser

Singapore has cracked the code and may have created the greatest dispenser machine in the game. This 7/11 snack will have you tripping head over heels for more!


One of the oldest foods from Japan, 7/11 has brought Oden to the convenience store Japanese market. Elevate your taste buds with this tasty snack!


Hello Kitty Wine

It’s Hello Kitty if she was an adult, get it. This Japanese drink is a certified bucket list for any stoner worldwide.

Yakisoba Bun

Who would’ve thought, a bun with noodles on it? This masterpiece will have you smiling from head to toe. Add this to your cheat days next time you visit Japan.

Comment any other snacks we missed below!

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