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7 Simple Home Workouts to Try During Quarantine

Since gyms have closed due to COVID-19, finding the gear to workout has gotten harder; dumbbells have become the new toilet paper as more people are investing in fitness equipment.

However, you don’t need to have a home gym to keep yourself in shape; all you need is a little bit of space and youtube. These videos are easy, simple, and satisfying. Plus, doing something physical is going to help you manage the stress of this situation, keep up your immune system, and improve the quality of your sleep. Here are 7 Home workouts to try in quarantine during COVID-19.  

The Fitness Marshall by Caleb Marshall

Fitness Level: All Levels

This trainer is just plain awesome and every video is a riot. Not only is it super fun, but these short dance workouts will also get your blood pumping. Plus, Caleb Marshall is extremely entertaining and the videos are body positive. Line up a queue of videos for a cardio blast or do one video to warm up!

Meghan Trainor – Me Too with The Fitness Marshall

Poker Face – Lady Gaga with Caleb Marshall

Dr. Oz 5 minute workouts with Joel Harper

Fitness Level: Beginner to all levels

Produced by Dr. Oz, these videos are effective and a great option as a home workout for those of us who struggle with motivation. Each video produced is tailored to work a certain area of the body, making it easy to target the spots you want. Put it on and follow along!

Strengthen Your Core in 5 Minutes

5-Minute Thigh-Slimming Workout

5-Minute Arm Workout

AM/PM Yoga

Fitness Level – Beginner to all levels

Sure, it may seem like simple stretching, but don’t let that fool you. Yoga can do incredible things for your health, mentally and physically. The most important thing to remember when practicing yoga is to breathe. These videos are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. A quick yoga video in the morning and one before bed helps improve sleep, flexibility, stress levels, circulation, energy, muscle strength, and lung capacity. Of all the physical activities you can practice, yoga is one of the best.

Yoga For Beginners Morning with Rodney Yee by Gaiam

Easy 10 Minute Bedtime Yoga Routine in Bed for Total Beginners by BrettLarkinYoga

Quick Leg Workouts

Fitness Level – All levels, moderate-intensity

Because of self-isolation, many of us have spent the last several weeks sitting around. As a result, our leg muscles have weakened. To regain our abilities and keep these muscles strong, this is a quick video that targets the legs, hips, and butt. Even if you don’t finish it, doing some of these exercises will really help keep you strong.

4 min sexy hip shortcut by Allblanc TV

Call on me workout 

Fitness Level – All levels, cardio-intensive

Do you remember the music video for “Call on Me” by Eric Prydz? In it, a fitness class full of spandex-clad women and one dude thrust away in aerobic bliss. As it turns out, the same actors made a fitness video and guess what? It’s awesome. The music rocks and the moves are relatively easy, plus, you can skip ahead to get straight to the strength training.

Pump It Up Workout by Ministry of Sound

Prison inspired, full-body workout

Fitness Level – Beginner to Advanced, Beginners may need to adapt or shorten exercises

Self-isolating at home poses its challenges and one of the big ones is space to move. However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel here; when it comes to working out with no equipment or space, all you have to do is check out how an inmate does it. Prisoners have very little room for movement and social budgets rarely have room for gym equipment. Still, they find a way. These videos are favorites because they are easy to follow and adapt if necessary. Warning, if you do them, you will be sore tomorrow.


“Prison” Workouts, Body Weight Only by Mighty Mouse UFL

For something different

Fitness Level – All levels, moderate to intensive-cardio

If you are looking to work out your core while trying something new, this belly dance workout is easy to do and effectively targets your abs. 

30-Minute Belly Dancing Workout For a Toned Core by POPSUGAR Fitness

What kind of workout are you doing in quarantine? Did you try any of these videos? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and follow @cannalifenet for more info!

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