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7 Canadian Cannabis accessories companies to check out in 2020

High-quality products for a high-quality lifestyle. Here are 7 Canadian Cannabis accessories companies to check out in 2020.

1. Cannabis Accessories Company- Cheech Glass

Photo by: Mythical Merch

Cheech Glass is a Canadian cannabis accessories company that sells anything from bongs, to zongs, pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, grinders and more! Cheech Glass was founded back in 2010 in Toronto by a man who desired to create high-quality glassware with innovative designs, that could be purchased at fair prices by the everyday consumer. The founder has the nickname “Cheech” which is fitting as he shares the same passion for cannabis as Cheech Martin – the famous stoner comedian. Cheech Glass is even licensed by the legendary man himself.

The popularity of Cheech Glass grew due to the impressive quality of the products, as well as the reasonable prices. Cheech Glass has the largest glass collection in the industry. Cheech Glass is the fastest growing glass brand in Canada, and they have hundreds of distributors across the nation and internationally too!

You can check out their website here.

2. Tokyo Smoke- Selling Variety of Cannabis Strains & Accessories

Tokyo Smoke Company
Photo by: David Pike

This is a well known, award-winning Canadian Cannabis brand that sells a variety of strains and accessories. Tokyo Smoke was established back in 2015 by Alan Gertner and his father, Lorne Gertner. These two have built a brand that changed the stigmatism around cannabis smoking. These two have been working diligently to help society adjust to a world where marijuana is accepted!

The collection of cannabis accessories offered on their website is pretty remarkable. You can find an assortment of tools to aide a cannabis user of any level, from a beginner to a connoisseur. Tokyo Smoke carries any accessory from pipes, to bongs, papers, vaporizers, lighters, grinders, trays, and even cleaning supplies! Tokyo Smoke is a true one-stop-shop, and if you don’t know about them, you will want to check them out in 2020.

Here is a link to their website.

3. BRNT- Creative Cannabis Accessories

BRNT creative cannabis accessories
Photo by: BRNT Designs

BRNT was first launched in 2017 by a group of four university students. They are on a mission to de-stigmatize the use of cannabis while also set a benchmark for creativity in cannabis accessories. Their most notable design was when they reinvented the aesthetic of a bong. BRNT created a ceramic bong that is shaped like a hexagon. From there, the brand has expanded into uniquely shaped pipes, marble rolling trays, walnut rolling trays, and more! At BRNT, they strive to create innovative cannabis accessories

Check out their unique cannabis accessories here and check out what they are working on in 2020!

4. Verde Vie- Popular Feminine Cannabis Accessories Brand

Verde Vie feminine accessories
Photo by: Verde Vie

Verde Vie is a highly feminine cannabis accessories company. Their take on traditional cannabis accessories is to add pops of color and cute, yet simple design elements. This brand is based out of Montreal and began in 2018. The mission at Verde Vie is to create products that are real, authentic, fun, and functional.

The accessories line from Verde Vie is a fashion magazine favourite. This Canadian cannabis accessory brand has been featured dozens of times in the press by publishers such as Forbes, Elle, Coveteur, and many more!

Perhaps it’s time to puff, puff, pass the old dirty scissors, grinder and papers to the bye-bye bin and treat yourself to the future of slick, stylish cannabis use accoutrements.

– Celeste Mourne from Vancouver Life

Ladies, check them out for yourself! Here‘s the link.

5. Canadian Lumber a Halifax Company

Canadian Lumber
Photo by: Canadian Lumber

This is a company that started out in Halifax, determined to produce Canada’s leading rolling papers. Since providing Canadians with the cleanest and highest quality rolling papers is their main focus, they do not offer a large variety of cannabis accessories. They only carry the essentials: rolling papers, rolling trays, and of course, scent proof storage.

Canadian Lumber has three signature rolling papers: Greens (100% hemp papers), Woods (100% unbleached, unrefined wood pulp), and Hippy (50% flaxseed and 50% hemp). Their papers are properly tested in a University lab to ensure they are all-natural and safe to consume.

For more information, click here.

6. Red Eye Glass- Vancouver Based Accessories Company

Red Eye Glass
Photo by: West Coast Gifts

Red Eye Glass is a Vancouver based cannabis accessories company that releases creative designs such as their colour changing glass pipes, or a twist of tie-dye. Another popular Red Eye Glass design is their Mister Moustachio, which is a pipe with a large moustache attached, making the smoker look a little goofy! Red Eye Glass items always provide a high-quality experience that honours their colourful history.

Red Eye Glass is proudly one of 8 house brands at West Coast Gifts. They have been an original house brand there since 2003, and continue to be a source of creative collaboration.

Check out their glass pieces here.

7. OHAI- Elegant and Classy

Photo by: Ohai Life

OHAI is a cannabis accessories brand based out of Vancouver. The founder, Emily Leung created this brand because she wanted to have accessories that fit her personality and lifestyle. When she first started using cannabis, she found the accessory options were limited for cannabis users and nothing was very aesthetically appealing for a woman. Since then, the brand OHAI has grown due to the efforts of the all-women freelance team.

OHAI aims to elevate the traditional style of cannabis tools to create accessories that enable women to shine with confidence and empowerment while embracing the higher things in life. 

Check out their adorable products here.

So there you have it, our top Canadian cannabis accessory companies! Do you have one in mind that was not listed? Let us know in the comments and follow us @cannalifenet for more 420 info!

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